Migration guide for dummies

    Roberto Mazzoni  September 1 2010 09:14:37 PM
    8'000 users with 2300 functional email accounts use Lotus. Until the end of this year all other users will be migrated to Lotus. Our migration guide has been updated and is with all details considerably large. Maybe not everybody is reading it carefully. No problem, everything will work, including forwards of emails to your private account. Do nothing but keep the new credentials you have received by letter in a safe place, you will need them - sooner or later – for sure!  You may follow only these three steps if you want to stay on the lazy side.
    1. As soon as you can’t access your email anymore, keep cool and relax.
      Probably the migration is just under way. You are not able to access your email for 24 hours.
    2. After 24 hours, set your new email password for UZH Lotus.
      With the new login credentials you have received, login to the Identity Management and set your new password for UZH Lotus.
    3. 30 minutes later, login to the new webmail
      You’ll find your emails in your new account.

    Simple, isn’t it? Your UniAccess password will be untouched and works for VPN, Proxy, OLAT and anywhere you used it. If you use an email client, you may need to adjust the server name. That’s it.

    And should you have any problems, the migration guide will help you to solve them. Maybe not all old emails were transferred or something else went wrong, but it’s not likely to happen. It’s up to you to take the risk for it. If you want to be on the safe side, follow our migration guide.
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